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Sharon Craft, DNP, PMHANP, B.C., CSAC: Inner_about



Ms. Harris began her journey in the field of behavioral health nearly 25 years ago while attending Norfolk State University’s Ethelyn R. Strong School of Social Work. She currently holds an License in Clinical Social Work and has received specialized training in Domestic Violence, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries, and Suicide. Ms. Harris’s passion and desire to help has afforded her to the opportunity to work within a wide variety of populations within the field of behavioral i.e. criminal justice/incarceration, substance abuse, pregnant teens, at risk youth, elderly and disabled, HIV and AIDS, domestic violence, child protective services/foster care reunification, wounded warriors/combat veterans and active duty service members and their supporting family systems. 
Ms. Harris describes her role as a social worker as someone that should provide advocacy, guidance, and support to those who are in their life’s storm.  As a result, she is affectionately known as a broken wing healer because of the empathy that she provides to those whom she serves.  When asked most of her colleagues have described her as intelligent, ambitious, and genuine.  Ms. Harris’s role here at AMHS will be to provide individual, family, and group therapeutic services as well as clinical oversight to joining therapists.

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