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AMHS was founded in 2015 by Dr. Sharon Craft with the hope of providing readily accessible care to individuals who struggled with behavioral health issues. Since that time, while the vision of AMHS has evolved the state of accessible mental health services remains unchanged. AMHS seeks to position itself to make an enduring impact in southeastern Virginia. AMHS is unique in that it is comprised of a team of clinicians who are mutually aligned in their ambitions to help improve the mental wellbeing of their clients.


To dispel the stigma of mental illness beyond borders.


AMHS is passionate about delivering behavioral health services to individuals and family systems in the southeastern region of Virginia. We provide full-spectrum (comprehensive), on-demand quality care in a variety of settings to improve the lives of our clients.​


  • Authentic: foster a non-judgmental environment where change can be discovered. ​

  • Accountable: answers the call for building meaningful relationships.​

  • Adept: command a working knowledge of people and processes.​

  • Adaptive: flexible use of alternative strategies to achieve care delivery.

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